Father’s Day Gifts: 4 Gifts He’ll Actually Love

Father’s Day Gifts: 4 Gifts He’ll Actually Love

We’re approaching Father’s Day, which means it’s time to find the best Father’s Day gift for the best dad ever.

How do we communicate our thanks? How do we convey just how influential they are this Father’s Day? It can be a struggle to know what to give to the man who gives everything to his family.

We can start with a gift that will bring a smile to their face. We can show them that we care about their interests and celebrate their hobbies.

For the daring man and the man who likes to kick back with a cold one, Patriot Coolers has just what your dad needs this Father’s Day.

Let’s take a look at some gift options he will love.

The History of Father’s Day

Our dads are our heroes; it goes without saying. However, that makes it even more important to make sure we say it.

The very first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910 in Washington. The woman behind this new tradition was Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to show her appreciation to her single father, who raised her and her five siblings after her mother passed.

Sonora delivered gifts to handicapped fathers and encouraged boys of the YMCA to wear roses on their lapels. While this was the first recorded celebration of Father’s Day, it did not become nationally recognized for another 62 years.

President Lyndon Johnson signed an executive order saying that Father’s Day would be on the third Sunday of June, but it wasn’t set in stone.

Finally, in 1972, under President Richard Nixon, Congress passed an act to make Father’s Day a nationally recognized holiday.

We now take the time every Father’s Day to honor the men who gave us everything.

Scroll through the gift guide below for practical and unique Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s Day Gifting Guidelines

There are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect gift for your dad on Father’s Day.

Ask yourselves these critical questions:

1. Is It a Smart Buy?

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, bouquets of flowers, hand-painted picture frames, and spa gift cards are always a sure-fire bet.

With dads, there are a few notes to consider. You’ll want to make sure that the gift set lives up to his values, namely, knowing the value of a dollar.

Fathers typically find joy in knowing that their family is provided for and happy. Therefore, our dads will be most impressed with a thoughtful gift — both in sourcing and sentiment.

2. Is It Practical?

Practical gifts are best for the dad who says he wants nothing. Get him something that he can use daily. Whether he enjoys fixing things around the house or DIY work on his bike, you can find him a gift or gadget that makes life a little easier.

Your dad is a wise man. He doesn’t suffer redundancy or waste. As such, gifting a similar pocket knife that he got as a birthday gift isn’t the best choice.

Yet, a great Father’s Day Gift can absolutely replace an item he already has if the new one is superior. For example, you can upgrade his old, busted water bottle with a sleek stainless steel option. That’s both a smart and imminently practical buy.

3. Is It Meaningful?

Our Father’s Day gifts should show our dads that we care about their favorite causes.

Fathers inspire us. As kids, we see them as superheroes and want to be just like them. Sometimes, children follow through with that dream. We see this in the generations of Veterans following in their father’s footsteps.

At Patriot Coolers, we celebrate Veterans every day. Since 2018, we have donated over $270,000 to support Veterans and their families. If you wrap up a gift from Patriot Coolers for your father, you can tell him that part of this purchase supported the brave men and women who made our country great.

Our Top 4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Hard Coolers

Hard coolers are the gift of choice for the outdoorsy father or the BBQ expert. Whether they love the beach, BMX races in the desert, or that fishing lake in the mountains, hard coolers are the key to keeping supplies ice-cold.

A hard cooler is, dare we say, a necessity, and it needs to be just as strong as your pa. That’s why we recommend a rotomolded cooler outfitted with heavy-duty rubber latches.

Our 20 QT Rotomolded Cooler holds up to 5 gallons of water or 17 pounds of ice. It can also hold up to 24 cans, making it an ideal beach party cooler. Add in a few of his favorite craft beers, so he can relax by the campsite fire pit with everything he needs.

Our 50 QT Rotomolded Cooler is an excellent choice for the dad who loves to entertain. If he’s in his element behind the grill at a neighborhood cookout or rallying his friends for a tailgate, this cooler is just the right gift. It can store up to 62 cans, 13 gallons of water, or 50 pounds of ice, perfect for hosting large gatherings or preparing for family vacations.

2. Day Coolers

If your dad is more of the escape to nature type, a day cooler may be the best option this Father’s Day. Day coolers are more suited for solo adventures or traveling in pairs. They have a smaller capacity than our hard coolers but are versatile and easy to transport.

The Duo Lunch Cooler is made for hard-working dads. Whether off to a construction site for some back-breaking work or breaking away from work for a serene hike, the Duo Lunch Cooler preserves food and drink in an easy-to-carry pack.

This revamped lunch box is perfect for life on the go, keeping food cool for up to 24 hours. It comes made with a mold-resistant internal liner to keep food fresh throughout the day. The carefully-designed carrying strap makes this lunch box a top-notch travel companion.

The Backpack Cooler is the cooler for the dad who loves day excursions. The hands-free design of the backpack cooler makes this an excellent pack for hiking enthusiasts. This backpack stores food and drinks, keeping them cool and secure throughout the day. It holds up to 36 cans or six gallons of water and is equipped with a handy bottle opener.

Pack up this backpack for a day on the lake or a mountain climbing adventure. With padded straps and a sturdy base, this backpack can handle anything nature throws at it.

(Plus, new dads can even use this as a much cooler alternative to a diaper bag.)

3. Slim Can Cooler

Our Slim Can Cooler is a fantastic gift for keeping canned drinks cold. This unique cooler design holds 12oz slim cans snug and secure, keeping them cold for six hours. Nothing is worse than a warm drink at the beach. These slim can coolers protect your can from being affected by outdoor temperatures.

This can cooler has double-walled vacuum insulation for extra protection from the elements and a sweat-free design to keep the outside dry.

4. Tumbler

Patriot Cooler’s tumbler offerings come in striking designs and colors. Our tumblers are made with pride for our country in mind. With 50 stars molded into the bottom and 13 stripes lining the base, our stainless steel tumblers represent what matters.

These tumblers are great for a dad who is always on the go. Whether attending a sporting event with his guys or heading off to work, our tumblers will keep his drink hot for six hours or chill ice for 24 hours.

The 20oz Tumbler is a versatile option, perfect for everyday use. It is offered in 14 different colors, so you can find one that your dad will love. Pair this tumbler with our reusable plastic straws or a spill-proof lid for a complete drinkware set.

The 16oz Coffee Mug is the mug of choice for the early riser. This Father’s Day, acknowledge your dad’s hard-working spirit and drive to rise before the sun. This coffee mug is for those dads who enjoy their morning cup of coffee but have to take it on the go.

The easy-grip handle gives you the cozy and inviting feel of drinking coffee at home, even while on the go. Personalize this coffee mug with one of our six color options.

Celebrating Father’s Day With Everything You Need

Perhaps your father is the king of making dad jokes or hosting Game Day in his man cave or taking the next generation out into the great outdoors. No matter what, he’s your hero.

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to set aside specifically to honor our fathers. Even though we do this year-round, Father’s Day is a time to let our dads know how much they mean to us.


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