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    Can Coolers

    Keeping cans ice cold all day when enjoying an afternoon out on the river, the beach, camping, or a backyard barbecue can be a challenge. Yet, it’s the exact kind of challenge we are up to. 

    Patriot Coolers listened to weekend warriors, adventure fanatics, and outdoor enthusiasts and created the optimal cooling technology:

    Introducing the Slim Can Cooler. This drinkware essential boasts double wall vacuum insulation to keep your 12oz cans chilled for up to six hours. In four classic colors, augmented with 50 stars and 13 stripes, this can insulator is attractive as it is deeply practical. 

    The hustle and bustle of life demands so much of our attention. We’ve learned to treasure those days when you can nurse a cold one for a few hours, gazing out at the dock or the rocky peaks. 

    Our Can Coolers are uniquely engineered for languid days and the restless life on the go:

    Take Your Insulated Can Coolers On the Go

    You need drinks that hold up to anywhere you go, any time of the day. That’s why this drink holder fits in most cup holders; you can keep your drink cold even while driving through the desert. 

    Our Can Coolers are completely sweat-free. With no condensation on the outside, your stays drink completely dry on the outside — no coaster needed. The tall super-grip technology keeps your hands dry and your grip firm so that you never worry about any spills. Our Can Coolers have an extra-strong grip, thanks to the dipped gasket. It is the ultimate adventure necessity. 

    The Patriot Coolers Mission

    Patriot Coolers is a proud supporter of our United States Veterans. With every Patriot Coolers and Can Cooler purchase, we make a donation to Homes For Our Troops, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building custom, custom-modified homes for injured 9/11 Veterans to return their mobility, independence, and freedom. HFTO provides financial planning assistance, peer mentoring, and education and employment assistance. No matter where these Veterans live, HFTO is there to ensure their success as homeowners and protect their freedom, just as they protected ours.