Stainless Steel Canteens

Stainless Steel Canteens


    Stainless Steel Canteens

    If you are looking for a different take on a classic water bottle, try canteen-style bottles. At Patriot Coolers, our canteen-style bottle offers all of the insulation power that our reusable Water Bottles do while featuring a tapered design that fits easily in most cup holders. 

    Superior Insulation 

    Our canteen bottles don’t just keep your drinks cool; they keep your drinks ice cold, with enough insulation power to keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours straight. With our double-wall vacuum insulation, including a copper-lined interior, your drinks will last as long as your day does. 

    The canteen-style bottle has a large opening for ultimate water flow and no suck top to deal with cleaning. Choose from a 20oz Canteen or the 27oz Canteen so you can have as much or little volume in your cup as you need. 

    If you prefer hot beverages to cold beverages, don’t worry, our canteens can answer that call too. You can keep your hot beverages steaming hot for up to six hours, giving you all the time in the world to enjoy your coffee and tea. 

    Built Tough, Inspired by the Brave

    Our canteen is ultra-secure, with a no-leak threaded top ensuring that you can put your canteen in a bag or anywhere without fear of leaks or spills. With four striking, neutral colors, you can get a bottle that matches the rest of your loadout. 

    All of our products, including our drinkware, are built tough, inspired by our military. Everything we make is uniquely battlefield tough to withstand whatever life throws your way. We give back a portion of all of our profits to Homes for Our Troops, dedicated to buildingfinding housing for severely injuredhomeless veterans.