Hard Coolers

Hard Coolers


    Hard Coolers

    If you need an all-terrain, high-performance cooler that can handle your most wild adventures (or most relaxing fishing trips), hard-sided coolers are the sidekick you need.

    For road trips to the beach and backcountry voyages, consider the Patriot Coolers Hard Coolers. Our extra-high strength hard coolers can handle getting a little banged up so that your drinks and food stay safe.

    Functionality and Accessibility

    The 20 QT Rotomolded Cooler proves that big things can come in small packages. The 20-quart capacity can hold 20 bags of ice, five gallons of water, or 24 cans of your favorite chilled beverage.

    Our 50 QT Rotomolded Cooler can keep your food and drinks ice cold for days straight. It holds up to 62 cans, 13 gallons of water, 50 pounds of ice, and 52 quarts of water.

    Our best-selling hard coolers have heavy-duty rubber latches, stainless steel locking handle, and molded side handles to make transport simple. 

    A better and brighter ice chest, these elite coolers are equipped with a drain plug and a freezer-grade rubber gasket to keep your car and campsite dry and functional. These coolers make for great fishing trip companions with the embossed measuring rulers and bear-resistant technology.

    Rotomolded Coolers are smart, sleek, and support the causes we care about:

    The Patriot Cooler Mission

    Patriot Coolers remains dedicated to supporting the great men and women who serve in our country's military. As patriots, we give back a portion of every sale to Homes For Our Veterans. Veterans make all we do possible — from exploring the great outdoors to enjoying time with our loved ones. Everything we have, we owe to them. 

    The Best Coolers for Extreme Ice Retention

    Whatever style cooler you need, we have the solution. These coolers are perfect for tailgating, a camping trip, or a fishing day down by the dock or on the boat. If you want to keep your drinks fresh and the memories warm, look no further than Patriot Coolers.