Stainless Steel Drinkware

Stainless Steel Drinkware



    When you need drinkware that is going to preserve your beverages for hours on end, Patriot Coolers has the solution for all of your drinking needs. Our entire line is built tough, just like you need it to be.

    Insulated Tumblers 

    Our tumbler collection is all made out of stainless steel, designed with double-wall vacuum insulation and a copper interior lining for ultimate temperature retention. Our tumblers can keep ice frozen for 24 hours or your hot drinks piping hot for six hours. 

    For example, the 20oz Tumbler would make a great coffee tumbler but also has a bottle lid, sipping ice-cold drinks through a reusable plastic straw

    Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

    If you need an active water bottle for your hikes, bike rides, kayaking trips, rock climbs, or whatever else you do, we have what you need. The 20oz water bottle is excellent for quick trips, while the 36oz bottle provides hydration for hours.

    Like all of our drinkware, our double-wall stainless steel water bottles have sweat-free exteriors, preventing slippery condensation on your bottle.

    No-Leak, Durable Canteens 

    If you prefer a wide-mouth open bottle, then our Canteens are the perfect drinking glasses for you. Just as well insulated as our other bottles, our canteens, like the 27oz Canteen, give you one large opening for a more traditional bottle shape.

    On the Go Travel Mugs 

    No camping trip is complete without coffee. Our coffee mugs keep your coffee hot all morning long so you can enjoy it on your own time.

    Even if you are just looking for a new sleeve to keep your cans and bottles cold, we have a top-of-the-line slim can holder that protects your drinks with a unique dipped gasket and sweat-free design. 

    Drinkware Best Sellers

    Patriot Coolers is behind every great campout, cookout, and tailgate. We are passionate hikers, adventurers, and world travelers. We bring the same thirst for adventure and perfection to everything we make and do.