Double Walled Water Bottle: Top Seven Benefits

Double Walled Water Bottle: Top Seven Benefits

Over the past couple of decades, water bottles have soared in popularity, to the point where most people seem to be carrying water bottles with them everywhere they go.

Why? These simple modern bottles make hydration easier than ever. Plus, with modern technology, cold beverages retain their chill, so you’re never drinking what feels like tea water after a grueling workout. 

You have a lot of insulated bottles to choose from. Do you want a straw lid? Or maybe a flip lid? Size? Color? 

There’s a lot to think about. Ultimately, you need the best of the best when it comes to water bottles. For insulation, that means a double-walled stainless steel water bottle.

Here are seven of the top benefits of these bottles you should know about:

What Is a Double Walled Water Bottle?

Before we dive into the benefits of double-walled water bottles, it is important that you understand what a double-walled water bottle is. There are many different types of water bottles available out there, and double-walled water bottles are the Rolls Royce of water bottles.

A double-walled water bottle is exactly what it sounds like — instead of one exterior wall of the bottle, there are two. Think of it like two water bottles nested within each other, sort of like a Russian nesting doll.

Our Patriot Coolers Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Tumblers, coffee mugs, and other insulated drinkware are made with stainless steel, copper-lined interior, and our sweat-free, non-slip grip exterior for durability and insulation.

When Was Double Walled Drinkware Invented?

Double-walled drinkware was first invented in the 1800s by the Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar when he created a vacuum-walled flask.

He originally intended to make it easier for scientists to study chemicals at lower temperatures, but like penicillin and Post-It Notes, amazing things are created by accident. It wouldn't be until the 1900s that a German glassblowing company would patent and produce the thermos. This product used Dewar’s ideas for insulation purposes, and camping has never been the same.

Technology has advanced since then, no longer relying on materials like glass. Instead, designers prefer stainless steel and copper for their superior simulation. 

Let’s talk about the best insulated water bottles and how to find one:

Benefit 1. Incredible Insulation

The first and most important benefit is the remarkable insulation that double-walled water bottles provide. To understand how a double-walled bottle insulates to the max, we need to discuss how heat transfer works.

Heat transfer occurs through a few different mechanisms: convection, conduction, and radiation. The two main factors for us to consider are conduction and convection:

  • Conduction occurs as the transfer of heat from an object to another object it is in direct contact with.
  • Convection is the transfer of heat to or from an object through the air.

The double-walled insulation has the interior vessel (which holds the liquid) and then the exterior vessel (which you hold). These spaces are separated by a thick space that is vacuum-sealed and free of air. The interior vessel isn’t in contact with the outside of the bottle, preventing conductive heat transfer. 

Benefit 2. No-Sweat Bottle

Another key benefit of our reusable bottles is that the double wall insulation prevents any condensation from building up on the outside of the bottle.

Long story short, this is because of the vacuum insulation used, which prevents condensation from creating a wet film on the outside of your bottle. This helps give you a tighter grip on your bottle. So, it won't cause a puddle to build up and make a mess in your cup holder attachment on your ten-hour road trip.

Benefit 3. Unbeatable Durability

When you get a double-walled water bottle, you know that you are getting the best of the best in durability. With two layers of insulated stainless steel, Patriot Coolers water bottles can handle the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. Stainless steel is a very strong material that allows you to do nearly anything you could want.

At Patriot Coolers, we take the durability and toughness of our products seriously. We take inspiration from the men and women who serve our country in the United States military. We want our products to stand up to the conditions of the battlefield to give you reliability and dependability that you can count on.

Benefit 4. Tight Seal Lid

Another benefit of the double-walled water bottle design is that it comes with an air-tight sealed lid. This helps with two key benefits to you as the user: first that it prevents heat loss through convection. And second, it prevents leaks, spills, and accidents.

Convection, as mentioned earlier, is the transfer of heat between an object and the air. The simplest and most effective way to limit convection is by limiting air access to your beverage. Our air-tight seals prevent as much air exposure as possible, helping to limit the amount of convection that can take place when you aren't actively drinking.

The air-tight sealed lid also gives you peace of mind to know that leaks, spills, or accidents won’t ruin your day. It gives you the freedom to toss your bottle in your bag or car when you're in a rush and know that you aren't going to have a mess or a disaster on your hands. 

Benefit 5. BPA-Free

Another commonly overlooked benefit of reusable water bottles is that you can say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles. Single-use plastic bottles may contain BPA. BPA or “bisphenol A”was invented in the 1950s.

Research continues about the exact potential threat of this industrial chemical, but many are choosing to replace these plastics with more sustainable and healthy alternatives.

Food grade technology is important when considering food and drinkware for you and your family. In order to keep healthy and safe, double-walled water bottles are a great option.

Benefit 6. Lightweight

Despite the two walls of stainless steel in double-walled vacuum insulated water bottles, they remain incredibly lightweight. This makes them portable, as a water bottle should be. There are some great water bottles out there that are simply massive and heavy. Whether you need a sports bottle or something to hold lemonade as you chill by the lake, double-walled canisters have what you need. 

Double walled water bottles are about as lightweight and practical as their peers but will make sure you always have a refreshing drink on hand, no matter what the porch thermometer reads.

If you want a big 36 oz water bottle, you don’t want it to be any heavier than necessary. It needs to travel with you from the Amazon to Antarctica to the tailgate and back again.

Benefit 7. Copper Lining

The final benefit that only comes with our Patriot Coolers Double Walled Insulated Water Bottles is the copper-lined interior. The copper lining in our water bottles helps provide extra insulation so that your cold drinks stay frosty and your hot drinks provide the warmth you need. 

On those scorching days, there’s nothing like chugging some ice-cold water. Then on the coldest days of the year, you can rely on double wall vacuum insulated travel mugs to keep your hot beverages nice and toasty by the campfire.

A copper lining is a leading industry feature. If you want the best of the best for drink insulation technology, then a copper lining is the way to go.

Double Walled Water Bottle: Takeaways

The world of water bottles is wide and varied, giving you so many options you feel inclined to open a spreadsheet to do a thorough compare and contrast.

No need! If you want a water bottle option that is durable, insulated, and more, then double-walled water bottles are for you.

Many benefits come with using a double-walled water bottle, including the fact that they are built military tough, have a tight seal lid to prevent convection and spills, lightweight, and have a copper lining for extra insulation. Our Patriot Coolers water bottles across all sizes come with all of these benefits, making them the ideal water bottle for whatever life throws your way.



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