Beat the Heat This Summer With Can Coolers

Beat the Heat This Summer With Can Coolers

It is now summer, and along with the pleasant weather, vacation time, and extra daylight hours, it has brought with it what can be oppressive heat. Enjoying the outdoors over the summer in this brutal heat can be challenging if you don't have the right gear.

This involves sunscreen, wearing breathable protective clothing, and most importantly, staying properly hydrated. If you’re enjoying a party or relaxing outside, you want the drinks to be fresh while you enjoy the company of friends and family.

The perfect solution? Patriot Coolers Can Coolers. Can coolers keep your drinks ice cold all day, so your drink is as refreshing as the lakeshore breeze.

Here is a closer look at how coolers can help you beat the heat all summer long:

What Is a Can Cooler?

You may already be familiar with the idea of a can koozie, a typical fabric or nylon sleeve containing an interior of foam that goes around your cold cans. The intended purpose is to insulate your drink, so it doesn’t melt with the rising sun. The problem with koozies is they aren't as effective as they could be.

Our can coolers function as a sleeve, but this time instead of soft foam, they are hard and rigid. Can coolers act more like an insulated water bottle than a Koozie, giving you more power to play with.

When Was the Can Cooler Invented?

Some people believe that the koozie (sometimes spelled “coozie”) was invented in Australia circa 1970 and quickly became ingrained in the widespread surfer culture. The word “koozie” earned a US patent in 1980 (issued to Radio Cap Corporation). The “insulated drink cozy” patent was filed by Bonnie McGough in 1981. She wanted to use goose down to regulate her drinks’ temperature. 

Since then, neoprene and similar collapsible fabrics have been the fabric of choice for party favors, giveaway prizes, and promotional products. While these can sleeves are often wrapped around soda cans, hard seltzer, or beer bottles, larger novelty versions have been spotted on wine bottles.

Despite their meteoric rise to success as wedding favors and promo products, we think that the can insulator needed something extra. Keep reading for our modern take on the quintessential koozie.

What Is a Can Cooler Made From?

Our can coolers are made of double-walled stainless steel, providing you with state-of-the-art insulation technology usually reserved for water bottles and travel mugs in your can.

Stainless steel is an excellent insulator, protecting your drink from temperature loss due to conduction. Conduction is one of the three major drivers of heat transfer, along with convection and radiation. The double walls with a vacuum (space with no air) form an insulated can cooler that’s as tough as you are. 

What Is a Double Wall Vacuum?

The number one benefit of using a can cooler is the unbeatable insulation technology that double-wall vacuum insulation offers. While traditional can koozies do offer some insulation protection for your can, they fall just a tad short of perfection. 

With a koozie, your can is still in direct contact with the foam cooler sleeve, which is in contact with the hot air, creating the perfect storm for warm Gatorade.

The double wall with a vacuum minimizes this crossover as much as possible. Think of the can cooler as a Russian nesting doll. Your can serves as the core, which you put into the sleeve. The next layer is a copper-lined stainless steel shield to lock in the temperature of your drink.

Then, there is a thin layer, impervious to air. Finally, there is an outer layer of more stainless steel for additional insulation and durability, plus the non-slip grip exterior. Because of the vacuum, the interior sleeve of stainless steel remains undisturbed, preventing conduction.

A stainless steel can cooler is a sleek solution to a modern problem.

No-Sweat Exterior

Another incredible benefit of a can cooler is the non-sweat exterior. Some may think that a koozie already provides a non-sweat exterior; that's what the foam and fabric lining does, right? Well, sort of.

Your koozie prevents condensation from building on the outside of your can by absorbing it, preventing droplets from forming. However, this isn’t quite the same as preventing condensation from forming in the first place. 

With a double wall vacuum can cooler from Patriot Coolers, your can cooler will not produce condensation. Because the exterior layers of stainless steel are not in contact with the interior layer, the condensation cannot build, giving you a truly condensation-free exterior and non-sweat grip.

After all, what’s the point of a drink holder you can’t reliably hold? This means both a tighter grasp on your can and no condensation puddles in your cup holders or your table if you forget to use a coaster.

Fits Most Cup Holders

Our Slim Can Cooler is the Goldilocks solution to other koozies and foam soda coolies. This stainless steel insulated can cooler is the perfect size for most slim, 12oz cans.

When can coolers get too large, they’re impractical. If you’re on a long road trip, you don’t want to drive with your energy drink or soda between your thighs or balanced precariously on the dashboard.

Built To Last

Can coolers are incredibly durable, especially when compared to flimsy and floppy fabric koozies. Made of long-lasting stainless steel, our can coolers are built for bumps, drops, scrapes, and scratches while keeping your drink safe and secure.

At Patriot Coolers, we take durability and toughness seriously. We are inspired by the toughness and dependability of the men and women who serve in the United States military. We want our products to stand up even to battlefield conditions to give you the reliability you deserve.

Creative Color Options

The final great thing about our can coolers is the fun and creative color options we have available to you. You want to have something fun and creative to express yourself in this summer, why not make it your can cooler?

We have four best-seller color choices for our can coolers. This also means you can get one for up to four people, and everyone can have their very own color, which is great for family cookouts. 

If you’re looking for truly unique can coolers for a corporate promo or even a bachelorette party, consider personalized can coolers for custom prints unlike any other.

Can Coolers: Takeaways

As the summer is now in full swing, enjoying time outdoors is important while the weather is nice and warm. But one challenge that the warm summer weather poses is warming up your drink cans. While koozies are a traditional solution, can coolers are the best way to beat the heat this summer.

Patriot Coolers Can Coolers offer double wall vacuum insulation, giving you two layers of stainless steel separated by a vacuum for maximal insulation. This also provides a non-sweat grip exterior for a sturdy grip and dry cup holder.

Whether you’re looking for drinkware like water bottles, travel mugs, tumblers, or more, it’s time to raise a glass to the can coolers of the future, inspired by our present.



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