The Ultimate RV Packing List

The Ultimate RV Packing List

Exploring nature is thrilling for that part of your soul that yearns for never-ending skies and misty forests. Earth is our home, and immersing ourselves in our planet's natural beauty is truly magical.

There are many ways to explore your connection with nature and see the great outdoors. Camping is a very popular one, giving you the experience of living in nature for a few days. However, sometimes camping trips can be uncomfortable and make it hard to cover large amounts of ground. 

RVing is an excellent alternative for people who want to experience nature on the go, with more comfort and amenities than regular camping. While RVs of the past may have been little more than thin tubes, today's RVs are huge apartments on the go.

The extra storage space with RV life makes it easy to bring the necessities and the little luxuries. However, with any RV vacation, you don’t want to leave home realizing you forgot your essentials that aren’t easily replaced. 

Before your road trip, let’s do a full inspection (of your packing list and your tire pressure gauge).

Here is the ultimate RV packing list of everything you will need for your RV trips:

Kitchen Necessities for RV Camping

The first thing that you are going to need to pack for your RV is your kitchen essentials. Most RV’s come with some sort of kitchen in them, and you should furnish it fully to make good functional use of it.

The things you should make sure to bring include:

  • Dinnerware and Cookware: The first and most important things to bring are dinnerware and cookware. You need cups, bowls, plates, pots, pans, measuring cups, knives, silverware, and must-have kitchen tools like a grater, a garlic press, cutting boards, etc. 
  • Appliances: Your RV should come with appliances like an oven, sink, and probably a fridge. If your RV doesn’t have a fridge, bring along a 50QT Rotomolded Cooler that can keep ice fresh for up to five days.
  • Cleaning Supplies: This is a prime opportunity to be environmentally friendly and use reusable products. Opt for biodegradable dish soap. Instead of disposable paper towels or napkins, try washcloths or dish towels. 

RV Packing Checklist: Outdoor Gear

If you plan to do any outdoor adventure on your RV trip, you will need outdoor and camping gear.

While you won’t need to bring a tent (that’s what the RV is for), this can or could include things like:

A First Aid Kit

You never know when an injury will pop up. Keep your first aid kit stocked so that nothing can surprise you. While not emergency care, forgetting bug spray and sunscreen might bring your RV adventure to a premature end.

Water Bottles

If you are doing any outdoor activity, from hiking to white water rafting, you need to stay hydrated. Patriot Coolers Water Bottles are tough enough to withstand whatever you throw at while keeping your drinks ice cold for 24 hours.


Whether you prefer headlamps, flashlights, or lanterns, you need light for the evenings. 

A Cooler

You never know when you might want to take a day trip somewhere or if your refrigerator might have an issue while you are on your trip. A super high-quality insulated cooler can operate as a backup fridge and day cooler.

Patriot Coolers hard-sided coolers are made from rotomolded plastic and state-of-the-art insulation to keep ice frozen for five days straight. 

Matches and a Lighter

You’re going to want to light a campfire, so bring something to light it easily. Do not bring firewood with you. You should always buy firewood locally to avoid introducing invasive insects and bugs in your wood to a new habitat. Instead, support the local campsite and purchase your firewood from them. 

Personal Items To Pack For RV Trips

RV trips can last a while — from a few days to months on end. Take advantage of the storage options to bring more personal items.

You should bring plenty of things to keep you occupied, such as:

Books, Board Games, and Other Entertainment

You are going to have a lot of time to kill. Most likely, you are going to want something to occupy your mind. Bringing books and games will keep you having fun no matter what.


Bring plenty of clothing, and pack for the climates that you are visiting. You should have clothing to dress comfortably everywhere that you plan to visit. Remember to visit laundromats to clean your clothes as necessary along your journey.


Bring deodorant, toilet paper, toothpaste, and anything you need. An RV road trip is a great chance to see the world with all the comforts of home! If you have an electric toothbrush, make sure you’ll have a way to charge it in your camper. 

Your Laptop and Other Tech Devices

While connecting with nature is likely one of your top priorities, it’s sometimes impractical to be completely disconnected.

Bring your laptop, charger, and cell phone. Consider installing a WiFi hotspot in your RV, so you always have access to service, even when visiting remote places. Assets like these can make a big difference in emergencies and help you stay connected with friends and family.

Speaking of technology, don’t forget extension cords, a surge protector, and an adapter for your phone.

Emergency Gear to Pack

The final thing you should be packing up every time you go for a trip in your RV is your emergency supplies.

Emergency supplies might include:

  • Spare tires and snow chains: You should always have at least one and preferably two spare tires in your RV. You should also have snow chains for your tires in case of inclement weather; they are often required on certain roads, so come prepared. RVers know not to forget jumper cables and wheel chocks. 
  • Fire extinguisher: Just a small one will do, but fires can be dangerous anywhere, and having a fire extinguisher makes them easier to put out quickly. 
  • Emergency kit: An emergency kit should contain a second first aid kit, spare clothes, water, food, an emergency blanket, and a toolkit with a knife. Fan favorites include duct tape, screwdrivers, and zip-ties. You never know what could happen in an emergency, and being prepared is the best way to stay safe.

RV Packing List: Ready To Go

Packing up for your RV trip can feel overwhelming, but a little careful diligence can pave the way for a trip of a lifetime.

For all of your outdoor journeys, it’s best to be prepared. Patriot Coolers builds the most durable coolers and insulated drinkware on the market, able to withstand the rigors of camping while keeping your food and drinks ice cold. When building your next adventure loadout, Patriot Coolers has all your essentials. 


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