8 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Outdoorsy Mom

8 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Outdoorsy Mom

Mother’s Day may have become an official holiday in 1914 and comes but once a year, but in our eyes, every day is Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a special time for celebration. For their selfless gift of life and nurturing, we owe them our love, respect, care, and appreciation. Nobody works harder than a mother, and for the love and time they gave us, we celebrate them as the heroes they are on Mother’s Day.

Our moms are our heroes; they are on top of everything and anticipate all. That’s why it can be so tricky to find a unique Mother’s Day gift that will delight and surprise even the most all-knowing type of mom.

Outdoorsy moms can be an extra challenge to shop, offering a particular set of roadblocks and confusion. She may not love the idea of a gift card to the spa or a new hairdryer, or maybe she already has those things. What then?

We wanted to make things a bit easier for you so we decided to put our expertise to the test and compile a perfect gift guide for this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom loves to garden, camp, exercise, hike, climb, or anything else, we have you covered with a slew of items that every outdoorsy mom is going to love.

Here are eight of the best Mother’s Day gifts for the outdoorsy mom in your life:

1. A New Camping/Outdoors Backpack

The first gift idea that any outdoorsy mom is sure to fall in love with is a new camping or outdoors backpack. Your backpack needs depend on whether you are going to school, the office, or the great outdoors.

Any great outdoors backpack needs to be resilient, waterproof, provide some protection to your items, and offer enough storage space to carry everything that you need. The odds that your mom has the perfect bag for her outdoor adventures are pretty slim. For example, If your mom is the kind of mom who always has a snack on-hand, try a Backpack Cooler.

Get your outdoorsy mom something that she will use and love every time she goes on an outdoor adventure.

2. A Portable Fire Pit

There is nothing that can make an outdoor night more enjoyable and fun than a fire pit. The ability to roast s’mores over an open flame and heat up on cold nights by the fire while sharing stories and laughing with friends and family.

And now, you can take a fire pit with you on the go where you go. There are dozens of portable fire pit options that you can take with you on camping trips, hikes, trips to the beach, and anywhere else your travels lead you.

If the mom you are shopping for is a s’mores lover, then a portable fire pit is a perfect gift, giving them access to a real fire-roasted s’more anytime she wants.

3. A New Camping Cooler

Our moms were always at our sports games, reminding us to hydrate; it’s time we returned the favor. Maybe your mom could use a new camping cooler. A camping cooler has to be both large and versatile, offering major insulation capabilities, while also remaining solid and sturdy against the elements.

Here at Patriot Coolers, we design our coolers to be tough, ready to withstand whatever you or nature has to throw at them. Our Hard-Sided Coolers come in 20-quart and 50-quart sizes so that you always have enough room for long camping trips or large group outings.

Plus, our camping coolers are designed to keep your food and drinks ice cold for days at a time, and with our bottom-mounted drain spout, you can empty the melted ice from the cooler without unloading any of your items.

Next time your mom is by the lake, using her Cooler Cutting Board as a make-shift cheese board, she’ll sip a glass of chardonnay and remember it was you who took the time to get her this thoughtful gift.

4. New Hiking Shoes

A new pair of shoes is always a good idea for a present when shopping for your mom, but if you have an outdoorsy mom, then a pair of new hiking shoes could be perfect. Hiking and other outdoor activities can be taxing on your feet if you don’t have the proper shoes.

Hiking shoes can get worn out after a good amount of wear and tear, and if it has been a while since mom has gotten a new pair, an upgrade is in order. Depending on her outdoors activity preferences, you can choose a pair of shoes specifically tailored toward that activity.

For instance, if she is a big mountain biker, she’ll need different shoes than a passionate runner. The more specific you can get, the more loved and appreciated she will feel.

5. An Insulated Tumbler or Water Bottle

Whatever type of cup mom likes to drink out of, she certainly likes to be drinking something. And whether that drink is cold or hot, she wants it to stay that way for as long as she needs to drink it all at her own speed.

A Patriot Coolers tumbler, water bottle, canteen, mug, or other drinkware is the perfect solution for an outdoors and indoors insulated cup. Patriot Coolers Drinkware is made to the same tough standards as our coolers, built to withstand wear and tear.

Plus, drinkware like our stainless steel 20oz bottle is made with double-wall vacuum insulation, including a copper interior that helps to keep mom’s drink cold for up to 24 hours or a hot drink hot for as long as six hours.

Every mom needs a cup or bottle that is just as tough and dependable as she is, and Patriot Coolers can be that for her.

6. A Camping Coffee Solution

Some moms simply cannot start their day until they’ve had their coffee; this doesn’t change when she’s camping.

Coffee makers are fantastic options for the gadget-loving mom. There are many different solutions for coffee while camping that mom is bound to love. Perhaps you could go for a portable coffee maker like a small French Press to bring a touch of luxury camping for the mom who appreciates the finer things.

Whatever solution you reach for, mom needs her coffee, and any outdoorsy mom is going to simply love having access to fresh-brewed, delicious coffee anywhere she finds herself in the wild. Add in an insulated coffee mug and a fleece pajama set for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift set.

7. A Hammock

Portable hammocks are a brilliant, fun, and useful gift for outdoorsy moms everywhere. These hammocks can be hung from any solid supports like trees or poles, and provide a comfortable and secure place to sit and enjoy nature.

If your mom loves to read in the great outdoors, this gift is even better. Now, mom will have the opportunity to lay and lounge in her hammock while enjoying her favorite book in the comfort of nature.

These hammocks provide a calming and peaceful ambiance for an afternoon in nature. What outdoorsy mom couldn’t use a little bit of alone time?

8. A Survival Kit

Let’s talk about the ultimate gift box that puts a twist on “self-care” — a survival set.

Your mom taught you to always be prepared, and you won’t forget that now. A survival kit is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the outdoorsy mom that is always able to handle emergencies.

A survival kit should include several critical items so that the moms in your life are always protected. A flashlight is an absolute must so that you always have light when things get dark. You should also make sure your survival kit for Mother’s Day comes with a knife for cutting and protection, an emergency blanket, and anything else your mom might need in an outdoor emergency.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Best Mom Ever

Shopping for the perfect gift for mom is always a challenge. But this Mother’s Day, shopping for the outdoorsy mom in your life has never been easier.

Any of these gifts will bring a huge smile to mom's face when she sees that you care about her interests. From a backpack to new hiking shoes and everything in between, giving mom a gift that will help her enjoy her outdoor hobbies is the ideal gift.

At Patriot Coolers, we want to extend a moment of special gratitude to military mothers. Mothers raise the brave men and women who serve our country, sometimes while serving in the Armed Forces themselves.

We hope that our list offers some unique ideas to celebrate a mom as unique as yours.

Shopping for an outdoorsy mom is its own type of adventure. Give her something that shows you listen, care, and appreciate her. Take your mother into Mother Nature and make this the best Mother’s Day yet.


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