5 Gifts That Give Back to Veterans

5 Gifts That Give Back to Veterans

Maybe it’s the holiday season — or you’re just an avid gift giver who enjoys showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them. Either way, we have some suggestions. 

For those who want meaning and purpose in the things they do, gift-giving can be a meaningful expression. Giving thoughtful gifts that give back to charitable organizations and heroes of today is one way to ensure your gift-giving is packed with purpose.

In this article, we will focus primarily on gift ideas that give back to Veteran organizations while sprinkling in a few other charitable causes. We will also highlight different brands with inspiring missions that are making the world a better place. We hope you will gain inspiration for purposeful gift giving that will spark creativity and newfound joy in giving.

Bombas Socks

Bombas is a unique brand that sells essentials such as socks, underwear, and T-shirts with high quality and comfort in mind. 

Their mission is to provide clean, quality clothing to those experiencing homelessness across our country. They have partnered with over 3,500 community organizations to donate over 50 million articles of clothing since the genesis of their brand.

Among their 3,500 partners, Bombas has partnered with the VA, or the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, to provide clothing to Veterans experiencing homelessness. 

With every purchase of a Bombas product, the company will donate on your behalf. That means you can gift your loved one with essentials from Bombas and show love to a Veteran at the same time.

Some of their bestsellers for women are their Marl Ankle Sock 6-Pack and Women’s Gripper Slipper. Bestsellers for men include the Men’s Ankle Sock 12-Pack and Men’s Marl Calf Sock 4-Pack. Consider these as gifts or browse the other styles Bombas offers. Each pair of socks are crafted for optimum comfort with clear attention to detail.

A pair of these socks makes a fantastic holiday gift. They can also be a thoughtful addition to a personal care package for any occasion. You can pick up Bombas socks online or in some stores.

Patriot Coolers Tumbler or Water Bottle

Patriot Coolers was founded to create positive change in Americans' lives while supplying quality products with a patriotic twist. 

For every Patriot Coolers purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes toward a charitable organization whose mission is to help those in their community and across the United States. Many of these charities support Veterans of the Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and other military branches.

From the beginning until now, Patriot Coolers has donated approximately $270,000 to Homes For Our Troops. Homes For Our Troops is a charitable initiative that strives to build and donate homes to injured Veterans in hopes that they can rebuild their lives. 

According to the HUD, the number of unhoused Veterans decreased by 10% from 2021. However, as of 2021, 19,750 Veterans were still homeless. Progress is moving, but there’s much work to be done. 

Among many of Patriot Coolers' durable and high-quality products is our line of tumblers. These tumblers come in a range of sizes, from our 10oz Mini Tumbler to the 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler.

Each tumbler is made for 24-hour ice retention and six to nine-hour heat retention. With stripes and stars added for aesthetic, these tumblers are gifts for the patriotic soul.

For the on-the-go person, our 36oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle is an excellent gift idea as well. The screw-on straw lid provides easy drinking while keeping your liquid secure. 

Uncommon Goods Art

Uncommon Goods is a company that provides customers with truly unique and beautiful goods. This company connects artists and their creations to buyers looking for authentic and original gifts. At Uncommon Goods, there is a gift for everyone.

With every purchase of a gift from Uncommon Goods, they will donate $1 to a charitable organization of your choosing. You can select from a variety of their Better to Give partners and support an organization that you love.

You can support charitable organizations and a wide array of independent artists through your purchase at Uncommon Goods. Choose from unique wall prints to totes and home decor.

Some of Uncommon Goods' partners are American Forests, International Rescue Committee, and The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, to name a few.

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a Veteran-owned coffee company that seeks to provide high-quality coffee and give back to service members, law enforcement, and first responders. 

The company was founded in 2014 to show support and honor to those who work to protect our country. They even sell their coffee on Amazon and in several major stores.

Black Rifle Coffee Company gives back to military service members and military families through their goal of hiring 10,000 Veterans to provide opportunities to the military community. 

This company seeks to ease the transition from service into civilian life by providing employment opportunities and entrepreneurial support. By purchasing a gift for your loved ones from this company, you are helping Veterans find work and transform their lives.

There are plenty of gift ideas to choose from at Black Rifle Coffee. Sample different roast profiles with their New Roast Bundle or their Complete Mission Fuel Kit Variety Sampler. Subscription boxes and gift cards make excellent gifts as well. No matter your preference, there is a coffee that will cater to everyone.

Lush Charity Pot Lotion

Lush is known for their soaps, body washes, and hair products, but they also contribute the net proceeds from one of their lotions to an amazing cause.

Not only is Lush’s Charity Pot Lotion a phenomenal gift, but it is a product that has gained this company a great deal of attention. Made from fair trade butters and naturally vegan ingredients, this lotion is both good for the body and the Earth.

When you buy a tub of Charity Pot Lotion, 100% of the proceeds are given to grassroots organizations, non-profit organizations, and charities around the country. This company focuses on giving back to organizations that work in human rights, animal protection, and environmental welfare.

Since 2007, $53 million has been allocated by Lush to support 2,900 grassroots projects. Lush has also donated over $15 million of products to over 2,000 organizations. Thousands of these products are also given to essential workers who have been challenged by the pandemic.

If you want a gift idea that allows you to feel good about your skincare and the imprint you leave on the world, this is an excellent gift for you.

Wrapping It All Up

This holiday season or special occasion, give your loved ones a gift that gives back. 

Investing in life-saving, charitable gifts is a meaningful way to invest in your community and see the needs of those around you. There are a variety of different companies that give a portion of the proceeds to Veterans, as well as charitable organizations and non-profit organizations.

Consider these gift suggestions the next time you are contemplating a creative and thoughtful gift for someone you love. 

The best gifts are those that support a good cause and give back to those who deserve it most. Our hope is that these companies and their missions will inspire you to make meaningful and purposeful purchases as you consider gift giving in the future.



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