7 Gifts For Fisherman That Are a Real Catch

7 Gifts For Fisherman That Are a Real Catch

What do you get the fisherman that seemingly has everything? For the people that find peace and rest at the water’s edge, we want to create the most optimal fishing experience.

Fishermen need much more than just their fishing gear to prepare for a day on the water. We’ll take a look at everything the fisherman in your life will need when planning their trip. From coolers to caps, we have what it takes to make the most out of a fishing trip.

1. 20QT Rotomolded Cooler

Spring is upon us, bringing with it the perfect temperatures for fishing. As the fishermen in our lives get geared up for a busy season, make sure they have all that they need for a day on the water.

For those wanting to share the fishing experience with family and friends, the 20QT Rotomolded Cooler is the perfect gift for them. This cooler encourages an “all are welcome” attitude with its five-gallon capacity. Stock it with a six-pack or a meal to share.

The Perfect Cooler for Fishermen

Most importantly, with an inside capacity measuring in at 14″L x 9″W x 9.25″H, the 20QT Rotomold Cooler is the perfect size for the daily catch. With an embossed ruler on the lid, it’s easy to measure your catch to make sure you’re adhering to local fishing regulations.

Optimal Cooler Materials: Rotational Molding

The word “rotomolded” refers to rotational molding, a manufacturing process that molds plastic into a unique shape. This process guarantees that our coolers have perfectly even walls that are sturdy and strong — inside and out.

The 20QT Rotomolded Cooler has three-inch insulated walls that keep ice for five days, ensuring the contents stay at the desired temperature even on the hottest days. This cooler is also bear-resistant, protecting your catch from any unwanted visitors.

Pair your cooler with the 20QT Divider and Cutting Board. This cutting board is the perfect cooler companion and a functional accessory for any fisherman. The divider separates the cooler in two, keeping food and drink separate from the catch. The cutting board will come in handy when it’s time to filet your fish at your camp cookout.

2. Backpack Cooler

The Backpack Cooler is perfect for the fisherman on the go, the true adventurer. This backpack provides a hands-free carrying experience so your fisherman can focus on his tackle box, rod, and more.

With padded straps and a ventilated back panel, this backpack is a great lightweight alternative to traditional, heavier coolers.

The Backpack Cooler has a capacity of six gallons — just enough room for a day of food and drinks. The waterproof internal lining and heat-sealed seams protect the contents of this backpack (which can include up to 36 cans or a two-bag pound of ice).

This pack comes with a built-in bottle opener so your fisherman can always have their favorite brew on hand. Thanks to the easy-access side pockets, nothing can get in the way of a perfect weekend.

3. Patriot 20oz Bottle

Want to help your fisherman stay hydrated during a long day of fishing?


The Patriot 20oz Bottle makes a perfect companion to the Backpack Cooler. This bottle fits nicely into the backpack's side pocket, making it easy to transport. The 20oz Bottle is unlike any other bottle on the market.

This Stainless Steel 20z Bottle has double-wall vacuum insulation and an internal copper-lined coating. The copper coating aids in temperature retention, keeping your iced drinks cold and your hot drinks toasty.

The extra layer on his bottle will also help your hands stay comfortable while handling drinks of varying temperatures… and keeps your internal body temperature from affecting your drink.

This bottle will stay hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours. Its sweat-free design keeps the outside of the bottle dry even on the most humid days. The straw lid allows for quick and easy access to your drink, so you can focus on what really matters.

4. 16oz Coffee Mug

Those who know a fisherman are likely acquainted with the early mornings a fishing trip demands. Experienced fishers know that certain hours of the day are better for fishing, especially when targeting fish that are more active at dawn.

Help your fisherman prepare for these early mornings with our 16oz Coffee Mug. Choose between six colors for one that matches their fishing loadout.

This mug, like our stainless steel water bottles, has double-wall vacuum insulation and an interior copper lining. These materials keep coffee hot for up to six hours for steady fuel that powers them through the morning. Plus, the splash-proof lid will keep up with anything the day may throw at them.

This heavy-duty mug can handle anything. With the easy-grip handle, tough stainless steel, and sweat-free design, the 16oz Coffee Mug is just as suited for hot tea as it is iced coffee.

5. A Hat

For long days in the sun, hats are perfect for protecting the face from sunburn. The Camo Trucker Hat is a stylish option for a fishing trip. Durable construction and the matte, camo finish will stand against the elements while helping your fisher blend in.

The USA Trucker Hat combines an iconic style with a mesh back for keeping cool. The USA Trucker Hat features the embroidered Patriot logo, allowing the wearer to proudly represent the causes they care about. This is a great present for Veterans. Proceeds from this hat, along with everything at Patriot Coolers, go to supporting Veterans and their families.

6. Tackle Box

Help the fisherman in your life be prepared for their next trip. Another excellent gift for a fisherman is a tackle box that neatly stores all their gear. From hooks to bait, a tackle box has room for it all.

Sizes vary widely, so shop with care. An exemplary tackle box will hold extra fishing lines, lures, and even a few reusable plastic straws for sipping lemonade between catches.

7. Fish Finder

A fish finder is another practical yet thoughtful gift to give a passionate outdoorsman. Fish finders are exactly what they sound like: a device that helps fishermen locate fish in the water. These devices operate through SONAR technology (Sound Navigation and Ranging).

A fish finder will display the location of fish in the water, making fishing a more accurate experience. Take out the guesswork so they can bring home the fish every time.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to the fisherman in your life, you want to find the perfect gift that elevates both their day trip and their weeklong vacation.

At Patriot Coolers, we offer a selection of different products compatible with fishing trips. From coolers that store your catch to durable coffee mugs that hold your morning cup, we have everything you need for a successful fishing trip or for any adventure life calls you on.


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