7 Things To Bring on Your Next Fishing Trip

7 Things To Bring on Your Next Fishing Trip

Nothing can beat a beautiful day out on the water fishing. If you’re someone who loves fishing, you know how restorative an afternoon on the water can be for your mind, body, and spirit.

But if you have ever been on a fishing trip where you have forgotten to pack an essential piece of equipment, you also know how painful, boring, and annoying it can be. If you forget something essential, you could be out of luck on your trip and may struggle to catch even one measly fish.

To remember everything you might need, you need the ultimate packing list for your next fishing trip. With a packing list, you can check off and make sure that you have everything you will need for your fishing trip to be a success. We put together our master list of fishing trip essentials you must pack for your next trip. 

Remember that your necessities will change a bit depending on what type of fishing you are doing (deep sea fishing, freshwater fishing, fly fishing, saltwater fishing, etc.) as well as your desired catch. 

Here are the seven things to bring on your next fishing trip:

1. Your Fishing License

The first thing you can’t forget to pack for your next fishing trip is your fishing license. In most states and jurisdictions, you will need a fishing license to fish legally in those areas. While you likely won’t run into any trouble, you should always have your fishing license with you when you are fishing so that you can present it to the relevant authorities should they have questions for you.

You can purchase your fishing license for the state you are going to fish in ahead of time online in most cases if you don’t already have your license. Store your fishing license in a waterproof dry bag and keep it in your tackle box so that you always have it with you on the water.

2. Polarized Sunglasses

You should never go out for a day on the water without a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. Water reflects the sun's rays, meaning that staring out at the water all day can cause some serious eye damage from the sun without sunglasses. 

Polarized sunglasses are for more than just your safety and protection. With polarized lenses, you will be able to see through the glare and might just have a better view of the game fish you’re trying to catch.

3. A Fishing Cooler

Whether you plan to catch for keeps and eat your fill later, or you just need to store bait, food, water, and drinks in an ice-cold environment, a top-notch cooler is a must for any fishing trip type. Whatever size or style you are looking for, Patriot Coolers has the built-tough coolers you need for your next fishing trip.

For smaller, half-day fishing outings, you can get away with a soft-sided cooler. Either one of our soft-sided can coolers or our backpack-style soft-cooler will fulfill your needs, keeping ice frozen for up to 24 hours straight.

Our Rotomolded Coolers are perfect for long weekend trips or a full day trip with a large group, where you may want even more space. In 20 and 50-quart sizes, our rotomolded coolers offer unrivaled storage space with industry-leading insulation quality. Our Rotomolded Coolers are so well insulated that they can keep ice frozen for five days, giving you a portable fridge for your fishing experience.

All of our coolers are inspired by the servicemen and women who risk their lives for freedom and safety. Every one of our products is designed to be battlefield tough, ready to withstand whatever life may throw your way. 

4. Sunscreen

Like sunglasses, sunscreen is another non-negotiable essential for fishing trip gear. The sun’s rays may be wonderful to feel on your skin for the warmth it gives you, but the sun also emits harmful UVA and UVB rays. These are the rays that cause damage to your skin and result in sunburns.

Over time, if you leave yourself exposed to UVA and UVB rays, you significantly increase your risk of developing skin cancer. For your long-term health and safety, wear sunscreen every time you are out on the water. Whether you’re sportfishing, whale watching, or just relaxing on a private charter, rely on your favorite cap to get you through the day.

5. Fishing Poles

You aren’t going to have a very good fishing trip if you don’t have any fishing poles with you. While spearfishing may be a fun, different way to fish, it is not the same. Always pack up your fishing poles, and make sure that you have the proper hooks, fishing line, and other equipment you may need.

The pole you’ll need depends on the catch you’re looking for and your fishing destination. Yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna are popular on offshore fishing trips (most often a full-day fishing trip). Offshore fishing charters will likely recommend six to seven-foot medium-action offshore rods. Deep-sea fishing guides could recommend 50-pound lines to snare a catch like rockfish.

6. Your Tackle Box

When you are fishing without a captain or going out on your own, you will be responsible for outfitting your poles with all of the fixins’ and accessories that you want. Check your tackle box before heading out on any fishing trip to ensure it has all the hooks, bobbers, flies, lures, de-hookers, and anything else you may want in your tackle box, like a knife or scissors.

7. A Water Bottle

Anytime you spend a day outdoors in the sun, you must stay hydrated. To do this most effectively, you should invest in an insulated water bottle so that you always have some ice cold water with you, wherever you are.

At Patriot Coolers, we offer high-quality and durable insulated water bottles, canteens, and tumblers that can fit your needs. All of our insulated drinkware is made with our copper-lined interior for the ultimate in insulation. Our loadout will preserve an ice-cold drink for up to 24 hours or a hot drink for up to six hours. With many sizes, styles, colors, and lid options at your disposal, you can get a personalized bottle exactly how you like it.

Dehydration is an incredibly dangerous medical issue that can result in serious health issues. Ensure you always have water with you when you are out on a fishing trip.

Things To Bring On Your Next Fishing Trip: Takeaways

A top-notch fishing trip is an experience that few other events can truly compare to, but forgetting some essentials can leave you with a miserable experience on the water.

Always be sure that you have packed up everything you need before you go. It is always better to double-check and be safe rather than sorry. You should always start by returning to your packing list and ensuring you have everything ready to go.

First things first, get your fishing license squared away and then grab a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes on the water. A high-quality cooler is also a must-have. 

Don't forget to bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's rays. You should also make sure you don’t forget your fishing poles, as those are quite essential. Last, stock up your tackle box with everything you need, and don't forget your insulated drinkware.

With all this gear, you have all the essentials you need to bring on your next fishing trip. Sigh a sigh of relaxation as you update your email signature “Gone fishing” and head to the shore.



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