6 Camping Gifts for Hikers & Campers

6 Camping Gifts for Hikers & Campers

Gift-giving is never an easy thing. Well, unless you are the gifted few. We all have that friend who is obsessed with giving the perfect gifts. Every occasion, no matter how big or small, they have a gift that is the perfect amount of thoughtful mixed with funny, personalized, and most ideal present possible.

But for the rest of us, we might spend hours scouring websites, searching desperately for gift ideas for our loved ones. Here is the not-so-secret tip for giving the perfect gift — search by hobby. In this article, we’ll be discussing everything for the camping fan in your life.

We took the time to compile a list of gifts for campers, hikers, and anyone else who has a passion for the great outdoors. Who knew giving the best gift ever could be this easy?

Here are the six best camping gifts for hikers and campers that they are going to love:

1. An Insulated Water Bottle

Our first unique camping gift is the most important. Hydration is one of the most critical factors to staying healthy on any outdoor adventure.

Insulated water bottles are a fantastic idea because refrigeration can be tough to come by when camping or hiking, but having an ice-cold drink is a luxury on those hot summer days. With a high-quality insulated bottle, you can keep your drinks cold or warm for as long as possible.

Patriot Coolers Stainless Steel Water Bottles are fabulous choices for outdoor enthusiasts, as they are designed with top-of-the-line double-wall insulation, allowing them to keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours or drinks piping hot for six hours. Add a carabiner for a hands-free hydration experience.

Patriot Cooler bottles are also coated in our sweat-free coating, which prevents condensation buildup on the outside of the bottle, and helps you keep a firm grip on your drink all day.

2. New Hiking Shoes

Our next great camping gift for hikers and campers that they are bound to love is a new pair of high-quality hiking shoes. For people who love hiking and camping, you know how painful it can be walking around in the wrong pair of shoes for people who love hiking and camping.

Furthermore, it can be unsafe on worn down or old hiking shoes or improper footwear. Even the wrong socks (or socks that are wet) can spell disaster, resulting in blisters, athletes' foot, and more.

Getting the hikers and campers that you love in your life a new pair of hiking shoes shows them that you care about their interests, their comfort, and their safety. What more could you ask for from a brilliant gift?

3. A Dehydrator

If you have a friend or loved one who is the ultimate camp chef, put a dehydrator on your camping gear gift list. There are no better snacks for hiking trips, road trips, and camping adventures than dehydrated meats and fruits.

Dehydrated snacks give you more nutrients in lesser volume, creating high-energy snacks that take up very little space. A dehydrator gives your friends the ability to make their jerky, dried fruits, and veggie snacks with their own seasonings and recipes for delicious, natural, and homemade trail snacks.

If you want to create the ultimate camp cookware option, consider adding gadgets like a camping stove, fire starter, or coffee maker.

This gift is ideal for camp cooks who have a passion for delicious meals, no matter where the road takes them. Outdoorsy foodies will love a chance to whip out their camp kitchen to treat all their hiking buddies.

4. A Camping Cooler

No single piece of equipment is as crucial to your camping experience as your cooler. A bad cooler that leaks, doesn’t keep things cold, breaks, or falls open easily just doesn’t cut it for a fun, stress-free camping trip.

Getting your hikers and campers a new camping cooler as a gift is a brilliant way to upgrade their camping lifestyle in a way that will make a real difference for them. Friends who go on long-term camps for days or weeks at a time need something larger, durable, and with insulation that can keep things cold for days. Plus, hard-sided coolers aren’t just for hiking and camping trips; they are ideal for car camping adventures.

Rotomolded Hard Coolers are best for these long-term camping trips where you need the ultimate strength and durability combined with insulation to provide days of cold storage. Our coolers can keep ice frozen for five days, giving you nearly a portable freezer for your camping journeys, thanks to the highly-specialized and eco-friendly rotomolding process.

They come in 20 and 50-quart sizes, ensuring that you have the volume you need for a week's worth of drinks and cold food storage. Giving your loved ones a camping cooler shows them that you care about and understand their needs.

5. A Portable Fire Pit

The most fun part about camping and the outdoors is, without a doubt, always the fire pit. Roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over an open fire is a camping classic that you simply cannot go without. But if you or the hikers and campers you love struggle with starting fires, then you know that it can be a real problem.

A portable fire pit or burners can save you the trouble of building a fire and give you a portable fire pit that you can bring with you everywhere you go for a simple, safe, and easy-to-light fire pit. Then, just simply pull out your camp chairs and relax by the fire.

A portable fire pit is an excellent gift because it can also be enjoyed at home, not just when camping, hiking, or outdoors. If your giftee doesn’t already have a fire pit in their backyard, the portable fire pit also functions as a fireplace. You're giving the gift of smores and bonfires every single night of the year, which is pretty tough to beat.

6. An Insulated Tumbler

Water bottles are basically as essential as your first aid kit, but that doesn’t cover all of your drinkware needs.

Make their next camping trip even better with an insulated coffee mug that they can sip, swinging in their hammock or nestled in their sleeping bag, looking up at the treetops.

Unfortunately, not all cups and tumblers are equally suited to supporting temperature maintenance to keep your beverages at the right temperature all the time for your drinking needs. Patriot Coolers has complete lines of insulated tumblers, travel mugs, and other drinkware that is built to last and keep your drinks at the proper temperature for as long or as you need.

A great camping gift idea for a wine lover is the 12oz Stainless Steel Tumbler. Combine the tumbler with the Patriot Coolers Insulated Tote.

Outdoor Gear for the Happy Camper

Shopping for the ultimate gift for hikers and campers can be a challenge, but it gets much easier when you have an expertly curated list of the ultimate gifts.

You could always go with a pair of new hiking shoes, which are important for comfort and safety out on the trails. You also can't go wrong with an insulated water bottle to help your hikers keep their water cold and ready on the trails where they go. Insulated bottles from Patriot Coolers offer premium insulation and are some of the most durable water bottles on the market.

A dehydrator can be an incredible gift for cooks who love the outdoors and want to experiment with jerky and dried foods. A new camping cooler can also be revolutionary. Rotomolded Coolers are perfect for big camping outings, capable of keeping ice frozen for up to ten days.

You can also go with giving a portable fire pit as a gift for s’mores at a moment's notice. Additionally, an insulated tumbler or mug is also wonderfully practical as a gift for the hikers and campers in your life. Patriot Coolers, tumblers, and mugs are ideal with their no-sweat design to limit condensation.

Shopping for your outdoor enthusiast friends has never been easier. Any of the options on this list are bound to make the hikers and campers in your life happy. From the national parks to local hiking trails, nature is waiting to greet you!


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