Backpack Coolers: 5 Unexpected Uses

Backpack Coolers: 5 Unexpected Uses

Backpack coolers are an essential part of your summer experience. This on-the-go cooler is ready to tackle any challenge that you throw its way. Pack them with a lunch that is picnic-ready or some beers to sip at a bonfire. No matter your ideal mode of relaxation, Softpack Coolers are here to enhance every summer pastime. 

Hiking and camping are generally the activities that come to mind when thinking about possible uses for a backpack cooler. Still, backpack coolers are surprisingly versatile, making them perfect for almost any occasion.

Let’s explore the backpack cooler and some of its incredible, unexpected uses: 

What Is a Backpack Cooler?

A backpack cooler is a type of soft-sided cooler that can be worn on your back by way of two carrying straps. This pack has the style of a backpack with the functionality of a cooler. Backpack coolers are popular because of their hands-free design, allowing you to load and carry your essentials without them interfering with your journey. 

Soft-sided coolers have countless benefits and are the favorite choice for frequent use because they are easy to store as well as carry. With their lightweight feel, they are a non-cumbersome addition to any adventure. 

How To Pack a Backpack Cooler

Before we dive into some of the unexpected uses for backpack coolers, let’s take a look at the proper way to pack a backpack cooler (or any cooler for that matter). Forget the method of haphazardly throwing ice into a cooler full of food and drink. Packing a cooler is basically like a game of Tetris.

Here’s how:

Begin by placing sturdier foods at the bottom of the cooler, items you will not need to access immediately. These can be the items you have brought for a picnic lunch or a larger meal, such as breads, meats, and cheeses. Once you’ve laid these foods at the bottom of your cooler, you can cover them with a layer of ice.

Next, it is recommended that you layer the heaviest items, such as water bottles and cans, in the middle layer of your cooler packing. Cover this with another layer of ice. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that your snacks are on top so that they are easily accessible on your journey. 

For most occasions, a general rule of thumb is to alternate between a layer of food or drink and a layer of ice. It is also recommended to follow a 2:1 ratio of ice to food to prevent ice from melting too quickly. 

Unexpected Uses For a Backpack Cooler

When it comes to the potential uses of a backpack cooler, this softpack may have more to it than what meets the eye. Typical uses for a backpack cooler are packing them with snacks or meals for a fishing or camping trip.

Hikers may also use backpack coolers to keep snacks and drinks fresh during their climb. While these are traditional uses for the backpack cooler, there are countless other occasions in which a backpack cooler could be used. 

1. Preserve Your Perishables 

Backpack coolers take the stress out of running errands. Amidst our list of to-dos, we typically have to strategically plan our trip to the grocery store to make sure our perishables aren’t sitting in the car long enough to go bad.

Grabbing your backpack cooler on the way out the door allows you to relax, knowing your frozen foods will remain fresh as you plow your way through your checklist. Another fan favorite for grocery shopping is the Insulated Tote.

2. Prepare a Picnic

Backpack coolers are the perfect addition to a romantic date night or family picnic. The six-gallon Backpack Cooler from Patriot Coolers has an abundance of space for your evening meal and a bottle of wine to top off date night. Create a fun family picnic with room in this cooler for all your mealtime essentials. 

3. Chill Fish and Bait 

Backpacks are most closely associated with storing food, but their uses far exceed their traditional expectations. Backpack coolers are also a fantastic place for storing and preserving your prize catch. It may also be a convenient way to store live bait for your fishing trip

4. Pack for a Field Trip 

Backpack coolers are the ultimate sidekick to any school field trip. Send your student off for their class adventure, knowing their lunch is prepared and preserved. Since backpack coolers are entirely hands-free, this decreases the probability of their lunch getting lost or left behind. 

5. Skip the Food Lines

Backpack coolers may also be the tourists' leg up on high-priced foods and long lines. Is your family exploring a new city and want to waste less of your precious vacation time waiting in food lines?

Or perhaps you're vacationing at the beach and don’t want to lose your place in the sand. For the family who prefers picnic over panic, a backpack cooler might just be the answer. 

What Are the Advantages of a Backpack Cooler?

There are many reasons to invest in a backpack cooler this summer. 

Just a few include:

They Keep Your Hands Free

Backpack coolers are one of the only cooler options on the market that are entirely hands-free. This is a particularly attractive feature for frequent hikers or fishermen who may need to carry other supplies. Being able to throw a cooler on your back gives you one less thing to worry about. With a backpack cooler, you can hike and hydrate at the same time.

Backpack Coolers Are Versatile

Backpack coolers are versatile and perfect for any activity. They are a great addition to any hiking or fishing trip. They can also be used for taking the kids to their sporting events. Backpack coolers are also excellent for picnics and date nights.

With the Backpack Cooler from Patriot Coolers, you know that between the splash-resistant material and easy-clean internal liner, your backpack can bounce back from any mishaps. And, with the reflective fabric detailings, you can adventure day or night.

Preserves Food for Long Periods of Time

Backpack coolers keep ice for hours, making them the ideal place for storing food and drinks and keeping them cold. The internal liner of the backpack cooler is meant to retain cold temperatures, and heat-sealed seams keep outdoor temperatures out.

While soft-sided coolers may not preserve ice as long as hard-sided coolers do, they are an excellent choice for convenient carrying and preserving food for the day. 

Lightweight and Easy To Carry

Soft-sided coolers are easier to carry and more lightweight than hard-sided coolers. This makes them the best cooler for dynamic activities such as hiking when the padded shoulders offer much-needed support.

 Backpack coolers are also easy to store because of their smaller size, making stowing them a breeze.

Coolers That Have Your Back

There are many more uses to the backpack cooler than we may have originally thought. They excel in the category of versatility. With an easy-to-carry, lightweight design, they are great for any occasion and destination. 


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