6 Things You Need for a 4th of July Party

6 Things You Need for a 4th of July Party

Summer is about to be in full swing. There is much to look forward to with school coming to an end for a much-deserved summer break. From better weather to vacations and enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, summer is one of the best times of the year.

There is no better way to have an exciting summer than with a rockin' 4th of July party. Celebrating the declaration of our nation's independence can help add some patriotic spirit to your summer fun. 

However, a solid 4th of July party can't just be thrown together. You need to have all of the proper equipment to make it truly special. Including the proper activities, decorations, and must-haves is the only way to ensure a successful party. 

This is your first stop if you want to throw the ultimate 4th of July party and don't know where to start.

Here are six things that you need for an amazing 4th of July party:

1. Delicious Snacks and Food

The first and most important part of your 4th of July party is your food and snacks. July 4th and barbecuing have become synonymous with one another. If you provide delicious, delectable, and appropriately themed food options, your guests will love your party.

You simply cannot have a 4th of July party without a grill to cook your favorite meats, fish, and veggies. Even though grilling is a BBQ staple doesn't mean you can't get in touch with your creative side.

Just remember to try and keep things in a grilled/barbecue theme while experimenting with different rubs, sauces, seasonings, fusions, and other variations for a delicious spread. 

Don't forget that snacks are just as important as your meal. You'll want a few tasty trays of snacks to prevent your guests from getting hangry while you grill.

2. Ice Cold Drinks

Along with food, you'll need drinks, and if they aren't ice-cold, you'll have a lot of trouble on your hands. You will need to keep cans of soda, bottles of water, sports drinks, beers, hard seltzers, and whatever else you like to drink ice-cold for the whole day.

This means you need a cooler that can withstand the pressure and the heat. At Patriot Coolers, all of our coolers are up to the challenge of your July 4th celebration. Whether you need a heavy-duty cooler with quarts of storage space or just enough room for a few cans for a small gathering, soft-sided and hard-sided coolers are perfect.

With insulation technology that can't be beaten, our coolers will keep ice frozen for hours or even days at a time.

If you really want to impress your crew, bring out the can coolers. Our Can Coolers will keep your beverages chilled for up to six hours. Plus, with their patriotic designs, these 12oz Can Coolers make the ultimate party favor.

 If you want to guarantee ice cold drinks for your July 4th party, a Patriot Coolers has your back.

3. Fun Outdoor Activities

You can't host a July 4th party if you don't have any outdoor activities for people to do while they are over. Any great 4th of July party will start before the sun goes down and won't wrap up until the fireworks are all done; you'll have hours of time to fill.

Consider offering outdoor activities like cornhole and giant Jenga. You should also consider having other group activities like kickball, badminton, soccer, football, and even simple decks of cards that can positively impact entertainment.

4. Fireworks and Sparklers

What makes the 4th of July an extra special holiday is the fireworks. You simply cannot have a great Fourth of July party without some fireworks and sparklers. Of course, the most important thing is to follow local laws and regulations guiding the private use of fireworks, which are sometimes illegal.

Even if you can't have large fireworks on your own property, try and position your guests so that they can see the local community fireworks display. Provide sparklers and other small fireworks for fun after the sun goes down.

The most important thing is safety. Never leave children unattended with fireworks, never look down the barrel of a firework, never hold a lit firework, and never aim a firework at people and objects. Make sure any household pets are safe and secure. Heading to the hospital makes a terrible Fourth of July.

5. Music

No party is complete without music, and your Fourth of July shindig is no exception. Make sure that you have plenty of speaker power to play upbeat and happy music all day long. You can also consider curating a 4th of July playlist with your favorite patriotic classics.

Using Bluetooth speakers that can operate together is a fantastic choice to ensure everyone can jam equally. By placing small speakers throughout areas of the party, you can create a consistent music level rather than blasting loudly through one centrally located speaker.

You should be able to hear the music across the party while still holding a conversation at a comfortable volume. Continue to adjust and play with your volume to get it right throughout the day.

6. Decorations 

Decorations are a must for a perfect Fourth of July party. Red, white, and blue gear should be all over your backyard and home to give a patriotic air to your party.

Consider details like your table cloths, napkins, plates, and even silverware. Festive dinnerware and tableware are easy tactics to incorporate themes into your day. Consider setting up a festive photo booth for guests to take pictures to share on Instagram as well. People always love a themed photo booth. 

You should also try to keep things as sustainable as possible. Consider keeping and reusing decorations year after year or using biodegradable or recyclable materials for your decorations.

4th of July Part Essentials: Takeaways

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to throw a party and celebrate with friends and family during the wonderful summer months. And throwing the perfect July 4th bash is easy if you assemble all of the essentials.

It all starts with food, which means grilling up everything from hot dogs and burgers to kebabs, fish, tofu, veggies, fruit, and anything else you can think of. And just as important as your food is the ice-cold drinks.

Whatever you are drinking, you'll want it ice-cold, and for that, you need a top-notch cooler. Patriot Coolers makes durable and high-quality coolers that are ideal for backyard parties, kids' soccer games, road trips, camping, or anything else. 

Don't forget the outdoor activities to fill the day and fireworks and sparklers to fill the evening. Curate a patriotic playlist and decorate it with some patriotic flair. Your 4th of July party will be the talk of the block all summer long. 


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