See Why Coolers on Sale is Impressed with the Patriot 50qt Roto-molded Cooler!

We were delighted to have Charlie at Coolers on Sale put the Patriot 50qt roto-molded cooler through the wringer! As you may know, Charlie is the master of coolers; when you have a question about any type of Coolers, you head to his website for answers!

If you are looking for a larger cooler, the Patriot 45qt Cooler can hold up to 62 cans, 13 gallons of water, 50lbs of ice. Charlie put the 45qt cooler through his rigorous ice challenge, he found the Patriot cooler held ice for 9.5 days! In his years of cooler research, that’s the record!

Charlie previously reviewed our Patriot 20 quart roto-molded cooler, you can check out the post here:

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