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  • Cup Holder for Patriot Rotomolded Cooler

    Patriot Coolers Cup Holder

    Never wonder where to set your PATRIOT tumbler again with our patented design Patriot Cup Holder that attaches directly to both the Patriot 20QT and 50QT Coolers! Universal design allows you to keep any drinkware you desire safe and secure. Doubles as a convenient ice scoop so you always have a clean way to retrieve ice from your cooler.

    not rated $16.95
  • Patriot Reusable Plastic Straws

    Wide mouth Plastic Straws designed with red & white stripes to accompany your Patriot Tumbler.

    not rated $4.95
  • SafeTouch by Patriot 100% Copper Hygiene Multi-Tool

    SafeTouch by Patriot 100% Copper Hygiene Multi-tool

    Safetouch is a multi-tool designed by aerospace engineers. Beware of cheap brass & alloy imitators containing only 67% copper or less! This superior product is precision machined from the highest quality 100% solid copper. Reduce hand to surface contact and reduce your risk of germ exposure.

    Patriot Coolers is a proud partner of Homes For Our Troops, for every SafeTouch by Patriot 100% Copper Hygiene Multi-tool sold on we donate $0.50 to assist their mission with a guaranteed yearly minimum donation of $50,000. Since 2018, we have donated over $120,000.

    Made in USA.