Pro-tip For Your Next Hike From SoCal Hiker

As you plan your outdoor adventures, it’s important to be ready for whatever may come your way… and to stay hydrated!

One of Jeff Hester of SoCal Hiker says “bringing a cooler in your car with cold drinks is simple, but I’m surprised more people don’t do it.” Actually, it’s one of his pro-tips for day-long hikes! In his recent hike to one of the Six-Pack of Peaks, he brought along the Patriot 20 quart roto-molded cooler, filled with water and ice. You can be sure he was ready to enjoy a cold-one after such a hike! Check out Jeff’s full write-up here:

The Patriot 20qt hard cooler will keep ice cold up to five days — that’s right, folks! You go on an extended hunting or camping trip and when you come back to your car, five days later, your drinks will still be fresh and cold!

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, yet just as durable, check out the Patriot SoftPack coolers. Constructed with a waterproof zipper and premium anti-bacterial lining to keep your contents cold secure. The SoftPack coolers are available in 20 can and 30 can volume sizes:

No matter what adventures you’re planning, Patriot Coolers has the perfect cooler for you!

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