Homes For Our Troops Key Ceremonies in Comal County

One of the most important things we can do to support our veterans is ensuring that they can live in comfort and with peace of mind when they return home. Unfortunately, some return home with battle wounds that force them to make adaptations to their everyday lives. Patriot Coolers partners with Homes for Our Troops so we can create homes that adapt to the Veteran instead. Each home is designed with adaptations such as dual thermostats, lowered cabinetry, paved walkways surrounding the home, and hardwood floors, among many others. All of these adaptations work together to allow the veteran to live a more comfortable and independent life with their families. 

Patriot Coolers was honored to take part in two Key Ceremonies in Comal County, where Army Staff Sergeant Michael Lage and Sergeant Javier Rivera Rivera were awarded with one of these mortgage-free homes respectively. Patriot Coolers would like to thank both of these war heroes for what they have done and continue to do to afford all of us the freedom we enjoy in the United States. We could not be more proud of our veterans and the sacrifices each one has made for our country.

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