US Navy Veteran Shares His Thoughts About Patriot Coolers

US Navy Veteran Shares His Thoughts About Patriot Coolers

Posted by Ashley on Apr 17th 2019

There are so many companies that claim to support our military and sometimes it is hard to recognize the ones that really do. A company that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Patriot Coolers.

I enlisted in the United States Navy in February of 2012 and spent 4 years defending our country. I was deployed twice, once in 2012 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and the other deployment in 2015 aboard another aircraft carrier - the USS Roosevelt. Both deployments were nearly 10 months of high stress and even higher temperatures. 

Having been honorably discharged from the Navy in 2016, I earned the benefit of the Post-911 GI Bill helping me pay for college. Being a student veteran allows me to be an active part of many veteran communities and doing so has allowed me to observe just how much it means to all of us when others show appreciation for the sacrifices that all veterans and their families have had to make.

I was skeptical of Patriot Coolers claim that they support the men and women of the armed forces, then I discovered that they not only provide a 15% discount to all active duty and honorably discharged service members, but 20% of all profits go to Homes For Our Troops. The fact that Patriot Coolers do BOTH shows me their willingness to honor their claims and really makes me feel good about owning a Patriot Tumbler myself. With all of the other options available for the products that they offer - knowing that veterans are given a discount in respect to their service, and so much of the profits going toward helping others - I am proud to support a company that does so much to support me and people like me. 

We are honored to call Nick a Patriot Coolers employee — thank you, Nick for your service to the United States and for supporting Patriot Coolers.